Sterilisation packaging

We produce maximum possible variety of qualitative sterilisation packaging,
corresponding to the requirements GOST ISO 11607-2011, series of standards EN 868.

Sterilisation packaging

Below you will see packaging materials for the following methods of sterilisation:

Packages ПТСН-SteriMag – all-in-one solution

We are proud of our development because packages ПТСН- SteriMag is an all-in-one packaging material that has no analogues in the world. This package combines the qualities of nonwovens and combined packages: it is universal, durable, easy in use, and also allows consumers to see the content of the package.
Packages ПТСН- SteriMag are compatible with all methods of sterilisation.

Packages ПТСН-SteriMag

Packages ПСПВ-SteriMag – combined packaging
for steam and air sterilizators

This is a more cost-effective alternative to ПТСН- SteriMag packages. Despite a cheaper price it has also many advantages: it is compatible with different methods of sterilisation, easy in use, and highly durable.
While choosing materials for air sterilisation you will not face a choice between inconvenient rolls of film and nontransparent paper packages, because now there are ПСПВ- SteriMag packages.

Packages ПСПВ-SteriMag

Packages ПСП-SteriMag – a classic solution for steam sterilisation

For 10 years already we’ve been manufacturing combined self-adhesive packages ПСП-SteriMag – they are one of our first developments in the sphere of sterilisation packaging that was a real breakthrough among domestic manufactured packaging materials for sterilisation some time ago.

Even now combined package ПСП-SteriMag still has many advantages when compared to sterilisation boxes:
  • providing better penetration for steam;
  • having a process indicator, that changes its colour after steam sterilisation
  • closes easily by self-adhesive valve;
  • it is lighter
  • variety of sizes allows users to plan packaging and sterilisation of medical instruments and sets rationally, therefore more economically;
  • medical staff can see the content of the package.
Packages ПСП-SteriMag

Paper sterilisation packages

Paper sterilisation packages

You can order any paper packages:
  ПБСП-SteriMag- self-adhesive flat packages made of Craft Paper or White Moisture-Resistant Paper;
  ПБТСП-SteriMag – a type of a package made of White Moisture-Resistant Paper, that is both self-adhesive and heat sealable
  ПБТСС-SteriMag – a heat sealable package of White Moisture-Resistant Paper with a fold that will perfectly fit large units

Sleeves – freedom in the length choice

Sleeves – freedom in the length choice

If you do not want to order different package sizes or you need packages of a definite length, pay your attention to Combined Heat Sealable Sleeves, out of which you can make packages of a necessary size:
  РКПЕ-SteriMag – a flat sleeve
  РКПСЕ-SteriMag – a sleeve with a fold

There are 1st class indicators on the seams of these sleeves.

Packaging materials in packs and rolls

Creped paper MBK-SteriMag is manufactured in packs and rolls. For your convenience we offer creped paper of different colours.

Упаковочные материалы в листах и рулонах

A Nonwoven Material MN- SteriMag is suitable for all sterilisation methods. PALP technology applied in manufacturing provides especially high durability of material and penetration for sterilizing agents.

For working with sterilisation packaging materials you will find useful the following:


A labeler, with the help of which you will be able to apply process indicators quickly on the packages and automatically put the information about the date of sterilisation, the operator’s name, etc. ( on a process indicator there are 3 lines to fill in).

ndicator tapes
Indicator tapes for package sealing and fastening layers of nonwoven material or creped paper. There are process indicators on the tapes.

Heat-sealing equipment
Heat-sealing equipment for sealing heat sealable packages and sleeves.

Manufactured standard sizes

Product nameStandard sizes
Flat Combined Self-Adhesive Packages ПСП-SteriMagWidth x length (mm):
60х150; 90х180; 90х250; 90х300; 130х250; 150х250; 150х300; 200х300; 200х360; 250х300; 250х360; 300х360; 360х390.
Flat Paper Self-Adhesive Packages ПБСП-SteriMag of White Moisture-Resistant PaperWidth x length (mm):
75х150; 100х200; 100х250; 100х320; 115х200; 115х245; 150х250; 150х280; 200х330; 230х280; 250х320; 300х390; 300х450.
Flat Paper Self-Adhesive Packages ПБСП-SteriMag of Craft PaperWidth x length (mm):
75х150; 100х200; 100х250; 100х320; 115х200; 115х245; 150х250; 150х280; 200х330; 230х280; 250х320; 300х390; 300х450.
Flat Paper Self-Adhesive Heat Sealable Packages
Width x length (mm):
75х150; 100х200; 100х250; 100х320; 115х200; 115х245; 150х250; 150х280; 200х330; 230х280; 250х320; 300х390.
Paper Heat Sealing Packages with a fold ПБТСС-SteriMagWidth x fold x length (mm):
65х40х200; 100х60х290; 140х60х290; 180х90х380; 200х80х400; 250х80х400; 300х75х530.
Combined Sleeve РКПЭ-SteriMagRoll width (mm):
50; 75; 100; 120; 150; 200; 250; 300; 350; 400; 420.
Total length of all rolls 200 m
Creped Paper МБК-SteriMagSheet size (mm): 400х400; 500х500; 600х600; 750х750; 900х900; 1000х1000; 1200х1200.
Roll width 800 mm and length 200 m.
Nonwoven Material МН-SteriMagRoll width 800 or 840 mm and length 200 m.